Landlords – How to rent your property in Edmonton in 2016/17

By CWC Properties on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 in Opinions and Perspectives, Real Estate Investing Tips. No Comments

Have vacant rental properties in Edmonton? You’re not alone. The current economic climate, combined with an oversupply of multi-family construction from starts in 2014/15 and new home construction has increased available supply and competition. It has also improved the quality of available rental stock in Edmonton’s rental housing market. CMHC forecasts an increase from 4.2% […]

Brandon MacKay works on this motorbike in his trailer turned into a make shift garage, in Fort McMurray Alberta, November 14, 2015. Brandon MacKay was recently laid off from his job. (Photograph by Jason Franson)

Death of the Alberta dream?

By CWC Properties on Saturday, January 9th, 2016 in Alberta Real Estate Investment News, Opinions and Perspectives. No Comments

Happy Saturday morning! This Maclean’s article (Death of the Alberta dream) could be viewed as negative and depressing, but here’s the thing… The Alberta spirit is entrepreneurial and resilient. My theory from moving from BC as a child of 14 was the cold weather makes Albertans hardier. So, oil is down and the economy sucks. […]